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*evil cackling*

Look what I got for Christmas.

My sister gave me her old Keurig machine after getting a newer one. I've been exclusively drinking either take-out coffee I can't really afford, or telling myself that the cheapest instant coffee I could get was 'just fine, really' for over a year and a half now. I had a machine, but I rarely used it because it was a 12 cup machine and I drink maybe 2 cups in a go these days, and then when I moved, part of it broke and also something got into the water reservoir and made anything brewed in the thing taste like rotting pine needles. It was also probably over 15 years old and sounded like Arthur Shappey with a severe allergic reaction trying to imitate a dragon.

Now thanks to my sister I have a little machine that happily sits on my counter and offers to make a fresh hot individual cup of coffee quietly in under 2 minutes, and enough coffee pods to last for a month.

I believe this calls for a 'Bwahahahahahahahahaaaa!'

Meanwhile today, there is a gathering of friends later I am much looking forward to, and the list of things I need to do is getting shorter, but only because I am putting off until tomorrow a lot of crap there is no hope of me getting done today.

May you all have a fabulous day, and best wishes for a splendid New Year!
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Okay, how do you do it manually?

Asking because we have one at Kohl's, and it doesn't brew good strong coffee that I like. I have one of those reusable pods, that I refill. I've found that there is a limit to how much coffee you can put in there, and get the water to get in and make coffee.

Too much, and it's like the water flows right out and you get tea-like coffee.

I might also like my coffee a bit stronger than most, as I put half n half in it.

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A very Happy New Year to you!

(with lots of great cups of coffee)