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NEWS: Long ago in a galaxy far, far away...

An Unaltered Version Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy May Be Released This Year


To my knowledge they’ve never had a DVD release of the unaltered originals. I have the VHS set of the remastered but not CGI-added movies released in 1997-ish, a set which has been one major reason I have been trying to get a working VCR for the past year.

Bluray? DVD? BRING IT!! \o/

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Disney can want all they want, 20th Century Fox have blocked it so far. I haven't seen anything that didn't stem from the article on Making Star Wars which seemed to involve a good deal of wanting and no substance.

I mean yeah, it would be joy and delight not to have to resort to the 2006 dvd extra version on zoom. But my hopes are not high.

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