caffienekitty: (facepalm)
caffienekitty ([personal profile] caffienekitty) wrote2017-03-19 09:36 pm

"Fire reveals ones priorities."

So, some dork pulled the fire alarm in the apartment I live in, and not seeing or smelling any overt signs of fire, I grabbed the following items in about a minute and a half:

-Laptop and charger.
-Work bag (which happened to be the one with my wallet, notebook/diary/planners, inhalers and travel phone charger in it, and is big enough to hold the laptop, not because I needed to save the work bag specifically :-P)
-Notebook containing only copy of a story I've been picking at and haven't typed in anywhere yet.
-Backup drive
-Cell phone and earphones
-Bus pass, Watch, Keys, Jacket

What didn't I grab/put on?


Ooops. Oh well, at least the ground wasn't wet.

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