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Well happy freaking birthday to me.

Got a call and a vague yet urgent message from the property manager at quarter after 8 AM today. Spent 90 minutes fending off a panic attack trying to get hold of him to find out what was going on, because his phone line was going to the answering service until 9 am, and then he was not in the office and I had to wait for a callback.

The landlord is putting the place on the market. I need to take time off work to let a realtor in to take pictures of the place, and then more time off work to let random people wander around in it whenever they feel like it. I've been through this crap twice before and the situation pretty much triples my regular anxiety levels. I really don't need that, especially considering tax season is in more than full swing and I'm already drowning trying to keep up with the crap at work.

In short, I'm probably going to move rather than put up with this bullshit again. Somehow.

Happy freaking birthday. :-P

In other news, I see some much happier birthday greetings in my inbox! Thank you guys, I'll be reading and responding to you later tonight probably. :-)

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Ugh, living in a place up for sale is AWFUL. Sorry.

Happy birthday though!

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Ugh, that sounds awful. I hope you can move and get out of that situation. :(

Hope you otherwise have a good birthday!

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I'm finishing dishes and eating dinner and then I might have some plans...

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I have fic for you :-)

But the beta needs to finish with it. We were both way too tired last night... sorry my night got away from me. Hopefully she'll get it back to me tonight and I'll post it.
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I'm so, so sorry.

Happy birthday anyway!

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Still - Happy Birthday!
May it be a great year for you, and all the best alltogether.

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Oh man, that is absolute crap. I was in a similar position with my first flat, and it's no fun at all. Having to tidy up and make it look nice so that photographers can take nice pictures that make people want to buy the place YOU live in? Unfair.

Happy belated birthday, in spite of that!

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Hells Bells that bites. *Hugs*

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oh lordy :/ *HUGS*
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Oh, holy shit, really? *kicks your landlord*
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What do you mean, it's keeping you out? Did you accept it? It gave me professional time or something, but I didn't even read it.
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I essentially only use LJ for updates, though now I'm thinking of locking everything down.

Have you backed up at dreamwidth?
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I never even checked my filters on DW.
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Could you create another DW and try the import again?
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*hugs tighter*

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Are you at DW, Trigriswolf? I think I'm going to burn my house down and I want to find as many old friends as possible.

Same to you, CK. U DW 2?
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Yeah, I'm tigriswolf over there.

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Happy birthday!!