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caffienekitty ([personal profile] caffienekitty) wrote2017-07-14 11:14 pm


I've got 12 hours to pack up things and clean/wash/launder things so I can pack them and I'm at the "stare at thing I need to do and think of 15 other things I need to do first and end up not doing anything useful". In 12 hours I have to be loading all my crap on the truck. And sometime in there I should sleep some. I guess. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

On the up side, the internet is supposed to be getting hooked up right after I move, or possibly during if the Tech shows up when he's said he might.

ETA: it's 4AM. I need to get some sleep.
list of things I need to do by noon PDT

-laundry including bathmats and bedding, est 3 loads.
-Dishes. SO MANY.
-pack tool boxes, spare cables etc
-set aside spackle and related cleaning/repairing items to be left here for the Great Cleanening on the 16th/17th
-pack other stuff from utility room, winnow later.
-pack pots and pans and dishes and the other dishes once they're washed
-pack items in laundry once they're washed
-take out trash and recycling (prob 2x)
-tape drawers on items being moved shut.
-pack already clean clothes
-pack remaining kitchen spices etc
-pack already clean dishes
-pack teapot and kettle
-pack keurig. drain???
-wash and pack dishrack
-pack Cpap
-pack lamps etc and clock!
-compact bedside thingy
-disassemble bed
-pack pillows, maybe bedding too, wash later?
-take down and throw out shower curtain, keep rings.
-pack bathroom stuff and kitsch
-shower first.
-also put on clothes. That would be smart
-also remember to take pills.
-drink some coffee and eat a food at some point too.
-pack up fridge and frezer items, leave in fridge in boxes until movers arrive

After movers arrive

-unhook cable/internet stuff
-Pack laptop.
-pack modem
-pack wifi
-pack cable box
-put cable/internet/computer related stuff in my 'carry on' bag
-pack door phone
-pack dvd player
-pack power bars
-pack remotes

I am dead certain I am forgetting sooooo much.

The biggest thing bugging me before I go to sleep is those damn dishes. I loathe doing dishes, always have. So they pile up. I've got a solid hour of dish-doing, and possibly 3 hours of laundry. I'm hoping to wake up and be fully functional at 9am PDT, but HAHAHAHAHAH so... arg.

It'll all get done because it has to. But it will require some loud music and inadvisable amounts of caffeine.