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I've always said I'd stick with Livejournal until it dies, but the limit has now been reached. So, unfortunately, over the next long while I will be transferring my primary journal activities to my Dreamwidth fractured mirror.

You're all welcome to follow me on there, but I won't be friending back (or whatever they call it) for a long while until I can figure out how to reinstate the filters on some filtered posts. Right now everything is far too exposed over there. This will be a very rocky process.

I'm also looking for:
-Clear simple instructions on how to download and backup the stuff I have in Livejournal's Scrapbook, along with its folder structuring.
-An image hosting service that's cheap/free and reliable and offers at least 2gb of space.
-Places on Dreamwidth to find fandom communities there.

I'm sure more things will crop up as this process gets underway.

If I manage to write anything during this period, it will be posted to my AO3 account I do have a semi-active tumblr that I'm currently reblogging a lot of Merlin and random things on, and very rarely posting anything myself.
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All the fic I've written under this identity is now available on Archive of Our Own.

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If you visit my stuff at AO3 and can't find something I've written, let me know and I'll figure out what I did wrong. If you know the AO3 tagging system and have tag suggestions, please let me know too since I have no idea what I'm doing with the tags.


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