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Spoiler and Theory summary for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode

This is a post of things I think I know about the 50th anniversary special without seeking out any spoilers or watching any promos, ads, or pre-release things, or having watched 7.07 and beyond yet (Aaaaa! O.O). Posting this now as there are plans and things in motion and my online access will be intermittent on the run up to the 23rd. Less than 24 hours from now. I am running out of time.

I will NOT be checking responses to this post until I'm fully caught up to current on the series, and I may not be checking it until after seeing the 50th anniversary, however if anyone is inclined to post their own theories/what they know, please keep any definite spoilers in the comments under a spoiler cut.

Here's what I think I know, based on things I have heard/run across unintentionally.

-McGANN!! YAY EIGHT! \o/ So, we're getting the 8/9 regeneration (except he's going to be turning into some alternate version of Nine because Eccleston didn't want to be in this, but whatever, can't be helped.) Anyway. 8/9 Regeneration, which means Time War and Gallifrey and the Master. YESSSSS. Also, that fic I wrote is about to get Jossed (Moffated?) but *handwave* It can be an alternate time line.

-Tennant, obviously. Ten might be a bit of a sulky boots, probably because I suspect he will be coming into this during that year or whatever he spent screwing around and procrastinating en route to the Oodmeet.

-First Doctor will be in it at some point, saw a note about there being an actor cast, so not CGI. Possibly him stealing/being stolen by the Tardis? That would be cool. Susan will be in it too. Or she damn well better be.

-Companions or events from the books and audios will appear or be referenced! Yay! I know this because giant text screaming "IT'S CANON NOW, BITCHES!!!! \o/" on a DW books/audios-related comm is kiiiind of hard to misinterpret. XD

-Other stuff I've either not noted or seen and forgotten and I'll keep it that way rather than wrack my brain.

What I think is likely.

-As much of everything ever as they can reference being referenced or appearing in some way, so watching the backgrounds may prove rewarding.

-ALL the Doctors in some way or other.

-As many companions as they can gather up, doubtless several with different actors because time passes in the real world, which often sucks.

-As many adversaries as they can cram in. But hey! Time War! Lots of room for all comers.

-Not sure how they could get Davros in there unless one of them goes and rescues him from the reality bomb business after the Meta crisis Doctors take off, but Davros being represented is a strong option.

-Key to Time? Maybe? Don't know.

-Just basically all the major bits and pieces, even as a quick reference. *boom* "Oh look, there goes a Zarbi ship!"

-Since I'm not caught up to the end of series Seven yet, I don't have specific plot theories, though, now that I've seen her introductory episode, I wonder if Clara's big weirdness with repeating through time and space like a fractured hologram isn't something to do with all this.

What I want?

Everybody. Everything. Listing it all would take ages, and the episode would be nine hours long. Which I would be totally okay with, but it's not happening so even a montage moment or two would be nice. Let's just say I keep thinking of things that could be included and either get misty, or make silly noises, or bounce up and down and flap my hands. A lot of randomly going "Eeeeeeeee" round my place lately.

What needs to be.

-Sarah Jane


I will need tissues for this. SOOOOO MUCH.


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