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Weekend update: To do list

Right, so, I am moving in a week and am just realizing exactly how much crap I have to do yet, plus the regular weekly survival crap. Hence, list.

Weekly stuff
-Wash dishes
-do laundry
-make food for workweek

-Clean oven
-Clean stove
-Pack baking/roasting gear
-pack prep and glass bowls
-pack misc kitchen tools drawer
-set up 'final' boxes to pack remaining cutlery/dishes/food in on Friday
-Freeze some plastic bottles of water for use in improvised cooler for moving frozen/temp sensitive food
-pack all but 1 week of canned /dry foods and a can opener.
-use up fresh veg and frozen white fish
-pack all spices after doing workweek cooking
-clean microwave
-clean toaster oven
-clean toaster
-clean floor
-scrub tile floor
-clean under fridge
-clean beside and under stove
-clean cupboards
-replace lightbulbs (2)

-Pack up firstaid stuff
-do pill organizers for workweek plus 3 days then pack medicine cabinet
-put everything not needed for workweek in boxes and cram under sink
-launder floor mats
-clean toilet
-clean sink
-clean bathtub
-clean floor
-scrub tile floor
-set up 'final' box to pack remaining whatever in on Friday

-set out week of work clothes (kind of) and pack a bag of moving weekend clothes/etc. (sort of)
-launder everything
-match up all socks etc
-pack rest of clothes etc
-line up cpap bag for sat AM
-clean cpap
-collapse 'night stand' Sat AM
-moving day: Bedding->hamper, fan/clock/lamp->clean laundry basket

Hall closet
-Shove everything into one big box

Storage room
-Get rid of old documents (in progress)
-use vacuum to clean bathroom vent and living room vent
-set aside cleaning supplies and tools to remain for move-out cleaning frenzy
-seriously, get rid of some crap!

Living room
-File current stuff
-take down posters
-remaining books into boxes
-dvds into boxes
-keep modem and wifi handy for hookup on moving day
-put all the random crap in the same box, deal with it later
-pack printer
-clean floor

Ugh. I'm getting tired just making the list, and I know I'm forgetting so much. :-/

ETA: Did not get nearly enough done this weekend. This week will be hell.
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Oh man, moving. It's such a hassle, and you don't actually realise how much stuff you have until you have to pack it, do you? Good luck, you'll get it done!

Also, I like this one:

-put all the random crap in the same box, deal with it later

Basically my strategy for pretty much everything other than books and clothes when I moved, heh.

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Good luck!

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Good luck with the move! I'm so glad I have the rest of the month to work on packing and do my move.

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I moved last year. Everyone has been trying to convince me to move, but I let my lease run out (it does at the end of the month) and I'm moving back in with my parents at least until their lease runs out next year.
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Where do I send the new home card? and I hope this move marks an uptick for you. I figure we're both due one

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LOL I can understand that!

Well... I'm moving back in with my parents... so yes and no? I mean yay less bills but boo one room vs a whole house and 3 people that I didn't have in my house (plus 3 cats and a dog... although my cat is gone :-( as of this past Monday so that's one less animal we'll have.)

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Thanks. It was a blessing in a way. He had cancer and was old. And not eating. So he was ready. And I honestly think this last week was just... painful. So as much as it was time.

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Just moving forward.