Sep. 20th, 2030 12:00 am
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Just noticed my handy dandy 'update other journals' uploader seems to not be uploading over half my posts here. Sorry about that. Also noticed that it's messing with posts made under filters and putting them under different filters or posting them unfiltered, so NO ONE WILL BE ON ANY FILTERS HERE, and almost no one will be granted 'access', whatever that means.

My primary Journal is still over at LJ, feel free to stop by, and maybe I'll figure out the problems here at some point. ETA3: this may be changing, but it will not be a quick process.

ETA: And I've just noticed Dreamwidth isn't accepting my updater anymore as of the end of 2012. That's just great.

ETA2: I've used Dreamwidth's built in updater, which seems to have worked for now, though I seem to have duplicated entries and misdated entries everywhere, and if I mirror this way again it may all duplicate again, so mind your step. :-P

ETA4: I will be making this my primary journal due to a disagreement with Livejournal's new owners' TOS. This is going to be a very bumpy process, and I may have to delete all the content here and reupload from scratch. I also have no idea what I'm doing with the image library that hasn't uploaded here, and that all the links in posts are linking at LJ's Scrapbook. It's going to be a LONG process as well, especially with RL kicking me in the teeth from several directions.
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Title: What Zoe Heard
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Alternate Postings: AO3
Rating/Content: PG13, outsider POV, child POV, missing scene: The Empty Hearse
Word Count: 1080
Disclaimer: Not my world.
Notes: Written for [ profile] watsons_woes2017 July Writing Prompt #1. I started writing this July 1 2017 and then got hit with a massive all-areas writer's block, which I am still struggling with. So this JWP entry is only 1.5 years late, and will be the first fanfic of any sort I have posted since Dec 12 2016. *facepalm* ALSO, Please note, I have not seen Series 4, so please avoid including any information at all from Series 4 in comments.

Summary: She heard him before anyone else did, but her dad lit the fire anyway.

Read more... )
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I may be mostly hiatused while life continues to suck, but I'm not forgetting the annual 'I torture a seasonal song' Carolling post.

Since this started as LJ Carolling, and was sort of 'Journal carolling' but this year I'll be posting it on Twitter too so it's more "Online Carolling", I'm going back to the beginning this year with a rendition of "Let It Snow".

Voice Recorder >>

Feel free to post your own if you like!
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and it has a song. Or rather music....

This instrumental piece is a part of the soundtrack for a game app. I love this music so much, and the title just really summarizes my 2017 tax season. "Endless Suffering." Yep. That's about the size of it.

But I have survived. Woohoo. Hoping to regain some non-work brain at some point this year. One can always hope, lol.
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Fanfic written in 2017...

...none. Nothing. Nichts. Niente. Nada. Bugger all. Last story I posted was Dec 12, 2016.

So. I actually hadn't noticed that. It was a bit of a shocking realization.

I got a lovely comment on AO3 today that along with lovely things said that they were sad I wasn't writing anymore. I bristled a bit at that, and went to look and nope, nothing. But on reflection, it's not hard to see.

I had to skip [profile] watsonswoes July Writing Prompts, I couldn't do Mininano in November and now... Nothing. Between work, health issues, and the drain of keeping up with the mayhem happening in my personal world as well as the greater world, I've written nothing at all, for the first year since I started writing fanfic. I haven't even been writing much and just not posted it, maybe a thousand words. And that's not good.

So, for 2018 I aim to write and post more than 2017. Which is obviously not a huge challenge to beat a posting total of zero. Yeesh. *facepalm*
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It's past that time of year again, when I torment some poor defenceless holiday tune online.

I usually try to avoid songs that are heavy on religion or Santa, but this darn thing has had me earwormed for a month now. I don't know if I've ever heard a recorded version of this song, but I have a clear memory one of my adult sisters singing it to me over and over when I was about 5. Lyrics, tune, and everything probably vary from whatever the actual version of this is.

"Little Toy Trains" (?)

Record music with Vocaroo >>

As usual I invite anyone inclined to record themselves singing a holiday song on Vocaroo or YouTube or wherever and post it on their Journal.
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What even is this year?

Anyway, tree's up, only about 10 days after I'd intended.

I'm now going to see if I can find the original (and only as far as I'm concerned) How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and eat the first Mandarin orange of the season.

Hope the rest of you have been keeping as well as you can. I may or may not sing at you this year, but either way, not tonight.

TEA! \o/

Aug. 27th, 2017 03:59 pm
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I have found my tea kettle and tea pot (only a month and a half after moving :-P) and am having tea.

The migraine from yesterday didn't drag on for too long so I got a tiny bit of organizing and unpacking done, as well as some messing about on the internet. The kettle and tea pot were in a box with some bowls and other things I already had one of out and in use, so I kept thinking, "I'll just leave that. If I unpack more bowls etc I'll just let them pile up in the sink instead of washing them."

The water at the new place makes tolerable tea, though I'm still not sure about the tea bags I'm currently using. A pot of tea will probably keep me awake later from caffeine this late in the day, but oh well. TEA! \o/
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I've got 12 hours to pack up things and clean/wash/launder things so I can pack them and I'm at the "stare at thing I need to do and think of 15 other things I need to do first and end up not doing anything useful". In 12 hours I have to be loading all my crap on the truck. And sometime in there I should sleep some. I guess. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

On the up side, the internet is supposed to be getting hooked up right after I move, or possibly during if the Tech shows up when he's said he might.

ETA: it's 4AM. I need to get some sleep.
list of things I need to do by noon PDT )

It'll all get done because it has to. But it will require some loud music and inadvisable amounts of caffeine.
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Right, so, I am moving in a week and am just realizing exactly how much crap I have to do yet, plus the regular weekly survival crap. Hence, list.
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People are idiots. In other news, water is wet.
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I've always said I'd stick with Livejournal until it dies, but the limit has now been reached. So, unfortunately, over the next long while I will be transferring my primary journal activities to my Dreamwidth fractured mirror.

You're all welcome to follow me on there, but I won't be friending back (or whatever they call it) for a long while until I can figure out how to reinstate the filters on some filtered posts. Right now everything is far too exposed over there. This will be a very rocky process.

I'm also looking for:
-Clear simple instructions on how to download and backup the stuff I have in Livejournal's Scrapbook, along with its folder structuring.
-An image hosting service that's cheap/free and reliable and offers at least 2gb of space.
-Places on Dreamwidth to find fandom communities there.

I'm sure more things will crop up as this process gets underway.

If I manage to write anything during this period, it will be posted to my AO3 account I do have a semi-active tumblr that I'm currently reblogging a lot of Merlin and random things on, and very rarely posting anything myself.
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Got a call and a vague yet urgent message from the property manager at quarter after 8 AM today. Spent 90 minutes fending off a panic attack trying to get hold of him to find out what was going on, because his phone line was going to the answering service until 9 am, and then he was not in the office and I had to wait for a callback.

The landlord is putting the place on the market. I need to take time off work to let a realtor in to take pictures of the place, and then more time off work to let random people wander around in it whenever they feel like it. I've been through this crap twice before and the situation pretty much triples my regular anxiety levels. I really don't need that, especially considering tax season is in more than full swing and I'm already drowning trying to keep up with the crap at work.

In short, I'm probably going to move rather than put up with this bullshit again. Somehow.

Happy freaking birthday. :-P

In other news, I see some much happier birthday greetings in my inbox! Thank you guys, I'll be reading and responding to you later tonight probably. :-)
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So, some dork pulled the fire alarm in the apartment I live in, and not seeing or smelling any overt signs of fire, this is what I grabbed. )
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"10 Minutes at Nubble Light House" by Hank Green of YouTube is lovely and relaxing. It's just a sunset, a lighthouse, and gentle waves.


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